2022 Calendar of Events

Deep Creek Range 

Mar 5Rifle Silhouette June 25-26* High Power Rifle
Mar 26-27*1000 Yd. Bench Rest July 2Cowboy Action Shooting
April 2Cowboy Action Shooting July 2Rifle Silhouette
April 2Rifle Silhouette July 3Rifle Schuetzen 
April 3Rifle Schuetzen July 9-10*1000 Yd. Bench Rest 
April 9-10*1000 Yd. Bench Rest July 16Black Powder Cart Silo
April 16-17Black Powder Cart Silo July 17*Black Powder Cart Long Rng
April 23Work Day (Deep Creek)Aug 6Rifle Silhouette
May 1Rifle Schuetzen Aug 6Cowboy Action Shooting 
May 7Cowboy Action Shooting Aug 7Rifle Schuetzen
May 7Rifle SilhouetteAug 12-14*1000 Yd. Bench Rest 
May 14-15*1000 Yd. Bench Rest Aug 20-21Black Powder Cart Silo 
May 21-22  Black Powder Cart Silo Aug 27-28*Black Powder Cart Long Rng
May 28-30*High Power RifleSept 3-4Rifle Silhouette 
June 3-5Rifle Silhouette Sept 3-4Cowboy Action Shooting
June 4Cowboy Action ShootingSept 4Rifle Schuetzen 
June 5Rifle SchuetzenSept 9-11*High Power Rifle
June 11-12*1000 Yd. Bench Rest Sept 15-18Black Powder Cart Silo
June 18Black Powder Cart SiloSept 23-25*High Power Rifle 
June 19*Black Powder Cart Long RngOct 1Cowboy Action Shooting 

* Denotes long range is in use.  All other "Member Only" ranges are closed.

Members may always use the Day-Use range when the Members ranges are closed.



West Riverside Range  

Jan 29Indoor SB Rifle 
Mar 19-20Sr. Sectional 
April 9 State Indoor Pistol
Apr 23-24State Indoor SB Rifle
May 21Work Day
May 28Paul Crawford Memorial 2700 Pistol  
June 11SB Rifle Outdoor Prone
Aug 6-7State Open SB Rifle Championship